Runtalent - IT Global Outsourcing - Com DNA inovador, A Runtalent é consolidada no mercado de tecnologia e especializada em soluções de TI há quase duas décadas. Utilizamos uma metodologia inovadora para entregar soluções para ajudar na transformação digital do seu negócio.


Why we’ve already started at the forefront of the digital transformation race:

Do you have expertise in the technology segment, with a technical and qualified H&R team to ensure the best IT professionals?

Our recruitment is 100% specialized in IT. We select skilled & certified professionals in several fronts of the technology market. This guarantees our clients greater agility from the beginning up to the delivery of the projects.

What technologies are you specialized in?

We are leading experts in multiple technologies. We prepare a critical analysis of all possible scenarios for your business, offering you innovative resources and solutions so that you can act in several fronts of the market, adapting quickly to the sphere of digital transformation.

Is there a solid structure in the technology market? Would you be impacted in case of unforeseen financial events?

We are consolidated in the IT trade. Runtalent is a spin off from the Essence Group, a company with almost two decades in the market, acting exclusively on the technology and innovation fronts, offering qualified experts for IT projects.

Are the outsourced professionals aligned with the digital transformation of the market?

Today, one of the main concerns of the market is professional development. We take a careful look at our talents, offering them an environment of constant learning and training in technology. At Runtalent, we value professional and personal experiences, because we know that the right project depends on the right people.

My company needs to replace a professional. Will this reallocation affect the project’s deadline?

Our delivery is focused on agility, from mobilization to demobilization.

We work to optimize the professional’s allocation and adaptation from the beginning up to the end of the project. And, when necessary, we are ready to efficiently replace the expert, so that it doesn’t hinder the delivery process.

Does the company carry out a correct management of the outsourced professionals and deliver what was promised?

We have a Business Partner’s team dedicated to the management of outsourced professionals. This is a differential hardly found in the market, but it’s necessary. Thus, it is possible to keep up with the development stage of each professional with a high level of detail.

How do you prevent the turnover?

In addition to all the support in the teams’ professional development we provide, we monitor their performance to also identify possible problems and turnover risks. In this way, we can prevent risks and increase their productivity and engagement in projects.

What will happen after the projects are finished?

At the end of each project, we lead a research about the expert’s performance, where the possibilities of reallocation in new jobs are analyzed. We evaluate each case individually to identify the professional’s ability to take on new challenges in other clients’ projects.